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( I think this is also by Kenneth James Michael MacLean)

The subject of manifestation is so Important.
How do we attain what wewant? It's so easy to think and dream, but how do we translate those
dreams to reality? Why do some people get what they want easily, andothers have such a hard time?

Basics of Manifestation

Manifesting anything depends upon knowing what you want. Knowing what you want is the very first thing to resolve for yourself, in the creative process.

This may seem to be so obvious, but ask yourself, do you have a clear idea of exactly what and how you want your life to be? If so, you are probably already living it, and you can skip this essay! If not, you are not even at the starting gate. Manifestation is about the ability
to create. By create, we mean being, doing, and/or having something different from your current reality. If you know what you want, without hesitation or doubt, and your contemplation of it makes you feel good, then manifestation is just around the corner (See "
Aligning Energy " for a more in-depth discussion). But if, when thinking about your desire, there is discomfort of any kind, this is a signal that you have beliefs which are opposed to the having of it. In other words, the feeling of discomfort indicates a contradiction within you, regarding the thing you want.

And so you will receive, not what you want, but a sort of mixed bag of things which are a match to the contradictory thoughts and feelings you have regarding it.

This is something that most people don't understand: in life, you receive according to what your focus is on, not according to what is wanted! This may seem unfair, but when you think about it a little, in a well- organized universe, the only way to deliver accurately to all who are asking, is to respond precisely to the signals that are being sent forth. In other words, when you tune your TV set to channel 8, you get the signal from channel 8, and not from channel 2! If this were not so, there would be total chaos, and in such a chaotic universe, life could not even get organized enough to exist at all.

So in order to manifest, ones thoughts, beliefs and feelings must be precisely aligned to that which is wanted.

There are 3 big steps to overcome in the manifestation process. We have already talked about the first one -- getting clear on what you

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Alex said...

Sabre, can you give me a few examples of how you've used the laws of manifestation to alter your perception of time and space?


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