Wednesday, May 23, 2007


ALIGNING ENERGY,by Kenneth James Michael MacLean

The seventh step is the realization that your new vibration now feels more comfortable than the old one did. At this stage, you have clarified, purified and aligned your energy to your desire so well that it feels natural to live in this new way, or to have that thing you want. Even if you are still living your old life, your vibration is primarily aligned towards the new, so that it almost feels weird to be doing the old things or going without that thing you want. If what you are wanting would pop into your life right now, it would seem totally natural to you.

The eighth step is the observation in the physical universe of your goal or dream manifesting. This step actually occurs little by little along the way. It may start out in the early stages with little things you notice that remind you of where you are going. Then, as you get further along, more concrete manifestations will occur, until finally, the whole thing falls right into your lap.

For example, if your goal is to buy a house, you may find yourself driving along a street in just the kind of neighborhood you would love to live in. Or, you will turn on the TV and there will be a program dealing with home construction. Or you will get a call from a realtor friend, who has seen a house she thinks you would love. As you get further along aligning your energy, you may get a birthday card from Uncle Kurt who has included a check for $5,000 that you can apply
towards a down-payment. Or perhaps that new job we mentioned earlier. Many times manifestation will not occur in the way you thought it would, or planned it would. So when your life begins to change, it may change in unanticipated ways. Just go with the flow, it will turn out wonderful. The universe has an infinite variety of surprising ways to bring you what you want, once you have aligned your energy towards it!

The ninth step is the full manifestation. Now you are living your new life, or have the thing that you desired, or have reached your goal. You feel a sense of accomplishment, and expansiveness. It's a great feeling! But now you find out what was said in step five: having is not all it is cranked up to be! The having is the culmination of the process and when it happens, you feel magnificent!!! -- for a while.
Then the feeling wears off.

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