Saturday, May 26, 2007

Manifestation,part 2

The other 2 are, obsessing too much, and going into action too soon.

The tendency is to have a desire, then to realize how far away it is from your current reality. This causes frustration, naturally, because you want it but don't have it! You sort of feel like a failure before you even get started. When you really really want something, you don't want to have to even think about all of the hassles you will have to go through in getting it, especially if your desire is a large one. You just want it right now!

The next thing most people do is go to work real hard to attain it, before aligning their energy to it. Now a lot of effort is involved, because the actions taken are not directed clearly enough. Mostly these actions center around getting enough money. But this energy stream is very limited, because the supply of money is limited. Tapping into this limited energy stream naturally focuses the creative process into avenues of scarcity and lack. If you have a big goal,
you may also have to involve others in helping you to obtain it. This can be a lot of fun, but a lot of times you look at all of the work involved and just say "to hell with it. It's going to take too much ,time, money and effort."

Tapping into Creative Energy

But there is another way, a more effective way, and a way that will be
joyful throughout.

What you want to do is tap into the powerful energy of creation. This is the same energy that keeps the planet orbiting and rotating, keeps the atmosphere in a perfect balance of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, that keeps everything in the universe in balance. These
forces are practically infinite, and compared to them, the pitiful amount of energy needed to manifest anything in the earth plane is not even worth mentioning! When you embark on the creative process, be certain that the energy of creation is there in abundance to allow any
manifestation you can possibly desire. The only limitations are your own -- your own limiting thoughts and beliefs.

How do you tap into this creative energy? By creative visualization. By becoming clear on exactly what it is you want, by imagining yourself already having it or living it, by feeling what it would be like to have it. That's all it takes. The universe will immediately start lining up the energy to make it happen.

People resist this concept because it is so sI'm le, and sounds "airy-fairy", but it is the only way anything ever comes to you. Many people think that the only reason anything manifests is through hard work, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Almost all of all of that hard work was wasted effort. That is why it was hard. 'Hard work' is simply the way most people align their energies toward the goal! All of that sweating and struggling is slowly getting your thoughts, beliefs and feelings about what is wanted, lined up so you can feel good about it. That's doing it the hard way. Better to work smart, instead of working hard -- by first getting your energy lined up toward your goal before going into

The point is, you can align your energy without working hard at all.

Sun Tzu said: "For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill". Tu Mu said: "... The Grand Duke said: 'He who excels at resolving difficulties does so before they arise.'"

Although these war analogies may seem inappropriate to some, I use them to point out that the idea of creative manifestation has been known and applied for thousands of years!

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