Monday, May 19, 2014

Facts Overflow The World - Neville Goddard

Facts Overflow The World was a lecture given by Neville Goddard on November 19th, 1971.
Pretty interesting lecture that for one thing, goes into what the story of Noah's ark really represented.

If you have never heard Neville I wouldn't recommend starting out with this one though.
A little background on what he taught is necessary I think to really get this one. 

Affirmations, Spirit and Energy, Chant Meditation OM, Manifesting Success, Manifesting Abundance


Anonymous said...

How a deaf like me be able to READ this? I'm sick of these bloody audios messing up MY text world!!!

Sabre Blade said...

Many sites have Neville's lectures transcribed.
Here for example....

Anonymous said...

Yes, I got most of it, but this is one of the few that has not been transcribed, yet.

If I was hearing I wouldn't be asking as no one thought to CHECK everything. Doesn't matter. Someone will figure it out and then put it in text, and then I'll finally read it, maybe in the next ten years who knows! ha ha.

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