Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dattatreya Siva Baba / Sri Siva

Dattatreya Siva Baba is the man that gave the "Ahhhh" manifesting meditation to Wayne Dyer.
Yes this all took place well before " The Secret" came out.

Dattatreya Siva Baba / Sri Siva

He has a website here: http://www.sivababa.org/ that has a great deal of information on it.
Amazon.com has several glowing testimonials to him:

Cathy, NYC
I used Sri Siva's manifestation techniques to manifest a buyer for my house. The house was not in good condition and I did not have the money to fix it up for sale. I did the Lakshmi mantras he suggested. Within a week I met the buyer for my house and had a handshake deal for a price. Because I sold it without a realtor - I also saved $30,000 in real estate commissions!

Debra, Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Since I met Sri Siva, my life has changed in many ways. I have manifested a great car, a beautiful home on the lake (which really is paradise), pilgrimages to India and my work has steadily grown with profits increasing every year. I thank Siva everyday.

Barbara, Boston
The first month with Sri Siva when he led us through the manifesting exercises, I prayed for excellent health, energy and 120 lbs. This was a big dream considering I could barely work an 8 hour day, I had 18 types of blood disorders and without help I was headed for a serious disease. All of the help I needed came into my life. I found the right doctor who put me on a program that yielded supreme results. All of my physical manifestations came true. The other beautiful change is my inner strength and sense of self worth. I have a confidence and and self respect that is a new and welcome part of my personality.


What I have never gotten about all this, is that if he can manifest anything he wants and all his needs are met, why does he sell his program for $199.95?
I know the " I sell my program, the publishers profit, the truck drivers that deliver it profit, the company that sells it profits etc" line, but what if those that REALLY need it can't afford 200.00 bucks for it?

I guess I'm thinking about the story line on " The 4400" where Jordan Collier just gives out promicin to benefit the world. It looks like someone that knows this much would make the information available to everyone for free.

I know Neville Goddard is dead, but you can find all of his writings online freely. Everything.

Anyway, just because I have these questions doesn't mean he's wrong. So next time we'll go into his techniques. At least as many as I can find for free online.

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Pann said...

In old times, you just have to think about the sage, they will be there for you. You have to mentally tell your wish to them, they will manifest for you. Thay will solve your problem. Examples - Sage Agasthiar, Sage Manikavachagar, Shridi Sai Baba, Jesus. But our Siva Baba can't receive my mental call, instead I have to go to his website and order his course for $200. Buy his stuff in order he could manifest his huge bank balance. He claim he is Sage Agasthiar. Come on! see the big difference between Siva baba and Sage Agasthiar.

Steven said...

Siva Baba posts his teachings for free on Youtube.

Pann said...

Then why is he asking for $199.
Alright he claim that Dyer used his Ahh method and now he is world famous author who is the only one making money by his books. I also want to be rich and help others, so what must I do and how long do I have to do the technique. If you can't answer I will give you the answer why it can't be done.

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