Tuesday, May 22, 2007


by Kenneth James Michael MacLean

The sixth step is creating "from the inside out."

The tendency when aligning your energy to something new, is to think it will manifest because of some external force. Many people see the creative energy outside of themselves, bringing what is wanted to them from the outside in. Although the universe will arrange things for you
in the "real world", in response to your vibration, creating in such a fashion is energetically backwards. The energy you are aligning, which will bring you what you want, is all from inside of you. You are the creator! FEEL the creative power coming from within you, radiating outwards into the universe. You are sending out a vibrational beacon, a homing signal that beckons those things you are wanting, to come to you.

It turns out that this concept is very I'm ortant in the creative process. By seeing the creative power as something outside of you, you automatically separate yourself from the energy you are aligning to, creating an energetic chasm between you and what you want. Feeling the creative power coming from inside of you is indescribable. The energy of creation fills every cell in your body, and expands to encompass your entire energy field. It is a rush of exquisite, powerful,
blissful energy which fills you with joy and awe. Once you, have experienced this, you will never ingest substances to get high. That stuff is pitiful and pathetic in comparison to the energy of
creation. Creative energy is the energy that keeps the entire planet in balance. It is the energy that keeps the sun converting hydrogen to helium, that keeps the planets in precise orbit, that creates universes! It is the energy of LIFE. This powerful energy is ALWAYS
available to you in your creative process.

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