Saturday, March 10, 2007

How to Allow For More in Your Life Right Away, Part 2

Life happens through you but never to you. This automatically means that you create your reality, consciously and unconsciously or even from your Higher Self, but only you create your reality.

Now think of something in your life that you are currently pushing against, resisting, perhaps even hating. Now we will first brush over the inefficient way of handling this. The inefficient way is one which we are all very familiar with, because we think it works! What we do is resist and fight against that which we don’t like. This is inefficient because, by universal law, what you resist persists. That is so because whatever you give your attention to grows. So if your mind and emotions are on that which you hate, you only expand it. And that is why the vast majority of humanity appears to be stuck in various struggles every now and then. These struggles are unnecessary. You do not get peace by hating and fighting against war; you get it by focusing on peace everywhere. If you don’t believe this, imagine what would happen in your family if you tried to attain peace by force or by keeping peace within your on self and with others. Which would be more effective? Now multiply that on a global scale.

So what is the efficient powerful way then? First, let us quickly define realities. You have the reality you are resisting, you have the opposite reality that you desire and are trying to get to, and then you have a third reality of creative power that you only get to when you embrace both of the first two realities. It is like having the coin’s head as one reality, the tail as another, and the whole coin and the spending power as the third.

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