Saturday, February 17, 2018

Neville Goddard - The Law and The Promise

Now Neville's approach to manifesting abundance was a little different.
He called it The Law, the technique of creating physical reality through imagining.
Neville believed (this is a very simple version) that God is inside you, he knows what you want/need, so you believe (imagine) what you want is already here.
Then you give thanks for it.
Neville was also very big on using this technique to help others.
When you see a homeless person, imagine him as gainfully employed and in good health.
Basically want for him what you want for you.
The Golden Rule so to speak.
Neville has a lot of other ideas that you may, or may not, be able to accept, but he bears reading.

You can hear (and read) Neville's book, The Law and The Promise, here:

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