Monday, September 14, 2009

The Ara Kara Mantra Revisited

The most popular subject on this blog by far is "Ara Kara".
Now this leads me to wonder.....
Is it because so many people want to learn about it?
Or is it because so many people have had success with it?

The Ara Kara Mantra

Now you know in my limited time working with the chant, I really didn't have much success.
But you also may recall that I saw on one of Dattatreya Siva Baba's YouTube videos that I was doing it wrong.
Well I was doing it Wayne Dyer's way, and since Dattatreya taught Wayne Dyer, I figured I was doing it right.
Of course he taught Wayne the "Ahh meditation" not Ara Kara I suppose.

Anyway, here you can see Dattatreya himself demonstrating the mantra.....

Now, has anyone out there had any success with the Ara Kara mantra?


diamond69 said...

Its a Hindu mantra,not christian or islamic!

Sabre Blade said...

Did someone say it was?

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