Saturday, February 3, 2007

How to Manifest Prosperity into Your Life  So You Can Stay at Home and Write Full

This came from a website that appears to be gone now....

"Tool #1 - The 17-Second Focus
Every 17 seconds of pure thought is equal to 2000 hours of action. In 17 seconds you do more in attracting to you what you desire by thinking, saying and visualizing it than you could by going out and applying 2000 hours of action. Warning: You can UNDO that work by thinking 'it won't happen thoughts' for 17 seconds!
Use the following tool to help you focus for 17 seconds.
With your dominant hand, write a one-sentence affirmation or prayer for something you WANT.
Write it 9 times.
Write it 3 times with your non-dominant hand.
Write it 8 times with your dominant hand.
You will notice, especially when writing with your non-dominant hand, how focused you are, and it happens to be MORE than 17 seconds!
Using the 17-second Focus Tool is a powerful exercise because it combusts into 2000 hours of work/energy. As you learn to ask for what you want, pay attention because you WILL get answers and you WILL feel that you have been given an answer. The next step is for you to trust what you heard, saw, felt.
You create what you want through your thoughts and NOT through a lot of action."

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