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MANIFESTING (as described by Neville Goddard), part 2

(as described by Neville Goddard)
Revision 12/09/2003
By Shawn Regan

The 10 aspects of correct manifesting

1. Sleep
"...carrying the action into sleep thickens fancy into fact." - Neville

Neville mentions frequently how powerful it is to fall asleep steeped in the imagination of the wish desired. When you are laying in bed at the end of the day and becoming drowsy create, with as little effort as possible, the scene in your mind that will indicate your desire has been obtained. If you use too much effort your ego will remain active and you won't be able to fall asleep.

Why this is so effective ? Esther Hick's Abraham mentions that if you take an idea to sleep you have 8 hours of being unconscious where you cannot undo or negate this manifestation. Neville says something very similar in “Resurrection”.

"Once asleep man has no freedom of choice.
His entire slumber is dominated by his last waking concept of self.
It follows, therefore, that he should always assume the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction before he retires in sleep." - Neville

I believe it might be that our scene of fulfillment being carried into sleep has a good chance of making it into a dream. A dream is a full sensory reality like our waking one.
What better way to experience our wish fulfilled than to "live it" in a dream.

"Use this interval preceding sleep wisely
Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled and go to sleep in this mood.
Then, deep asleep in a dimensionally larger world,
you will see and play the parts you will later repeat on earth." - Neville

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