Monday, June 11, 2007

Manifesting Your Heart's Desire

The following is an excerpt from the introduction to the book
Manifesting Your Heart's Desire, Authors Fred Fengler and Todd Varnum:

"It all began when two trained scientists were drawn together by a series of events too unlikely to be mere coincidence. Following their curiosity, they organized and participated in a group of diverse, unconnected people who shared the same fascination with the question
"What happens if we assume we can create the lives we want?"

This started a train of thought for me along similar lines but with a bit of a twist: What would happen if a group of people decided to assume that the Universe is willing to give them the life of their dreams with little effort on their own part, that all they needed to do was follow the thread of energy that appeared to be the most prominent in their life day after day? What if one assumes that beginning on the day that one decides to embark upon such an experiment, that the Universe will immediately begin bringing that person the resources, people, guidance and wisdom needed to manifest what ever is desired, simply by being open to receive it? And what if, one of the easier ways to go about this is by following the thread of synchronicity as it appears in ones life?

This whole concept really intrigued me and my first thought was to create a new e-group where people could connect and share their experiences with synchronicity and any thing else that enhanced this process, including doing what ever one can to feel good each day.
However, that really felt like more work than I am able to take on at the present time. What did begin to make sense was creating a page on my site that outlines this experiment and ask anyone who wants to be involved to share what they are experiencing as time goes on so that
others may also benefit. Perhaps there are tools or techniques that someone finds helpful that they would like to share and those could be uploaded to that section of my site. When I hear of someone else who has manifested something wonderful using a given technique or
affirmation, it helps to give me more faith that it could work for me too. Inspiration is one of the greatest tools we have for shifting old paradigms, for if one person can do it, we all can!

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