Monday, August 4, 2014

Manifesting Reality - Carole Doré Update

Manifesting Reality - Carole Doré Update

Well after 60 days I had to let this go.
There was no change.
I really wish there was.

I did the smelling money thing 6X plus times a day.
Repeating I am at one with a tremendous amount of money.
Wrote things down.
Nothing happened.

No huge sums of money came in, people didn't offer me money, my sales didn't skyrocket.

I'm really sorry.
I wish they had.
I wish I could tell you that it was incredible and that it really worked but I can't.

I don't know why though.
Her techniques were all the same ones that Neville, Joseph Murphy, Charles Hannel and Claude Bristol used.
She even used Bristol's "Mirror Technique".
True she did focus on the Heart Chakra rather than the Solar Plex that Hannel used in the Master Key, but it was the same type of exercise in the same area.
She used Neville and Murphy's "Mental Picture" technique.

I guess I thought maybe her distilled version would work.

Now I am not by any means saying that it will not work for you.
It very well could.
Evidently it has worked for a LOT of people.
I just had no luck with it...and I am just one person.
So by all means feel free to try it and if you do get good results, let us know.

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MJK said...

Hi Sabre - I love your posts. Have you ever read anything by Joe Dispenza of "What the bleep do we know" fame? His teachings are more scientific than Neville but they somehow both resonate with me.. Just curious if you have ever read a book by him or have heard him speak. Many thanks for the posts........

Sabre Blade said...

No, other than in the movie I haven't.
And thanks!

dajewel1982 said...

Folks, don't listen to her. I have the audiobook, and man her teachings WORK!! Sales go up exponentially, people give me money out of nowhere, etc etc. this is the only way I live my life. this is going to be one of the best christmases for me and my family!!

It's more than the techniques, it's the expansive feelings that give you your life, and you need to stop looking at the third for confirmation that it's working. And you need to be at one with what you want in your heart. Stay out of judgement. She's goes into deep knowledge about all of this in that audiobook. I have gotten so many great results that I have helped a lot of my friends, and they have gotten even more fantastic results than me: getting money to pay for a car that was repossessed, getting $590 to pay for a seriously delinquent bill, having rent and etc paid in lump sum, winning $800 in one lump sum from lottery.

Sabre Blade said...

Well like I said, it might work for others.
As for me it didn't do anything.
But I'm not everyone.

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