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Contrasting Neville and the "I AM" activity

Contrasting Neville and the "I AM" activity

The "I AM" Students consider themselves to be "guardians" of the knowledge of the "Three-Fold Truth".

Neville doesn't mention a "Three-Fold Truth", but he does mention a three-fold cord.....
" We are told by Paul in II Timothy 3:16: “All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.” The word “righteousness” is described for us in the Encyclopedia Britannica as “right thinking.” We are also told there is a three-fold cord that is not quickly broken. It is built like the ark, on three levels: the physical level here, the psychological level, and the spiritual level."

And also in his lectures there is " Fourfold vision"
" Fourfold vision is to single vision as ordinary sight is to blindness. We all experience single and threefold vision. It's twofold and fourfold vision that one must consciously work to achieve."

1. the knowledge of the Individualized Presence of God which is known as the "Mighty I AM Presence," - God in Action

Neville speaks constantly of " I AM" causing action.

2. the use of the Violet Consuming Flame of Divine Love

The closest I could find to that was...
" Another thing you may observe in meditation is a lovely liquid blue light. The nearest thing on earth to which I can compare it is burning alcohol. You know when you put alcohol on the plum pudding at Christmas time and set it a flame, the lovely liquid blue flame that envelopes the pudding until you blow it out. That flame is the nearest thing to the blue light which comes on the forehead of a man in meditation."

3. the power and use of God's creative Name, "I AM"

Again, Neville spoke a lot about that.

The "Self" must be realized, and this is the "Divine Self" and not the "outer" human ego personality.

Realizing you are God?

Similar, but not spot on.

Of course I haven't read anything about Neville mentioning Saint Germain either........

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