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MANIFESTING (as described by Neville Goddard) part 7

(as described by Neville Goddard)
Revision 12/09/2003
By Shawn Regan

The 10 aspects of correct manifesting

6. Negativity
"…prune your imagination by withdrawing your attention from all unlovely and destructive ideas and concentrating on the ideal you wish to attain." - Neville

One of the main themes taught in the Fourth Way schools is the removal of negativity.
The negativity you allow yourself to indulge in keeps your energies from rising above the base level of daily human drama.
The negativity you put your attention on, through the law of manifestation,
will eventually find its way into your life and perpetuate negative conditions in your life.
This is an excellent place to start your Neville work.
Assume a positive outlook, see everyone at their best and everything at its best regardless of your memory of them.

When you start catching yourself either about to or in the midst of engaging a negative thought or emotion you will feel very empowered.
You see that you actually have a choice about what you feed yourself mentally.
You’ll see that you really have the ability to make changes in yourself and your life.
You are starting to observe your automatic behavior and becoming more conscious in the process.

"Begin now to discipline your mind by observing your thoughts.
Watch them all through the day and refuse to listen to any thought that is unlovely." – Neville

Another incentive to eliminate negativity is the rebound effect or what Neville calls the “Golden Rule”:

“The warning was given to man in the famous Golden Rule –
“Do unto others that which you would have them do unto you.”
You may desire something for yourself or you may desire for another.
If your desire concerns another make sure that the thing desired is acceptable to that other. The reason for this warning is that your consciousness is God, the giver of all gifts.
Therefore, that which you feel and believe to be true of another is a gift you have given him. The gift that is not accepted return to the giver.
Be very sure then that you would love to possess the gift yourself for if you fix a belief within yourself as true of another and he does not accept this state as true of himself, this unaccepted gift will embody itself within your world.
Always hear and accept as true of others that which you would desire for yourself. In so doing you are building heaven on earth.” - Neville

When you direct negative thoughts toward another there is a good chance they will get rebounded to you. Always directing negative thoughts at others there is a guarantee that some of the negativity will return to you.

"A person who directs a malicious thought to another will be injured by its rebound if he fails to get subconscious acceptance of the other.
“As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”
Furthermore, what you can wish and believe of another can be wished and believed of you, and you have no power to reject it if the one who desires it for you accepts it as true of you. The only power to reject a subjective word is to be incapable of wishing a similar state of another – to give presupposes the ability to receive." – Neville

On the other hand when you direct positive thoughts toward others you are supposed to also receive benefit.

"The good you subjectively accept as true of others will not only be expressed by them, but a full share will be realized by you." - Neville

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