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MANIFESTING (as described by Neville Goddard) part 8

(as described by Neville Goddard)
Revision 12/09/2003
By Shawn Regan

The 10 aspects of correct manifesting

7. Inner Dialog

"Your inner speech is perpetually written all around you in happenings.
Learn to relate these happenings to your inner speech and you will become self-taught." - Neville

It is important to become aware of the thoughts running through one's mind.
Observing the mind is difficult but can be achieved through non-judgmental detached observation of one’s self.

"An uncritical observation of our inner talking will reveal to us the ideas from which we view the world." – Neville

"Take yourself in hand and uncritically observe your thoughts and reactions to life. Don't condemn your thoughts, but subdue them." – Neville

Easier is to be on watch for one's negativity.
It is important to remove attention to all negative thoughts from one's mind.
When a negative thought enters the mind, and your mind is so trained,
instead of indulging and identifying with the thought you immediately place your attention on something positive. Some will use this reflex to place their attention back to the "I Am" or their idea of God, others will turn their perspective on the negative idea to positive trying to see the positive aspect of what they had perceived negatively.

"You deny a thing by taking your attention away from it. To drop a thing, problem or ego from consciousness you dwell upon God - God being I AM." - Neville

"…in as much as the state with which we are identified mirrors itself in our inner speech, then to change the state with which we are fused,
we must first change our inner talking." - Neville

"Stop all of the old mechanical negative inner talking and start a new positive and constructive inner speech from premises of fulfilled desire." - Neville

"Through controlled inner talking from premises of fulfilled desire, seeming miracles are performed." - Neville

"All of us can realize our objectives by the wise use of mind and speech.
Most of us are totally unaware of the mental activity which goes on within us. But to play the game of life successfully, we must become aware of our every mental activity, for this activity, in the form of inner conversations,
is the cause of the outer phenomena of our life." – Neville

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