Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Manifestation,part 7

Background Theory

Everything in existence has a unique pattern of vibration. Humans are vibrational interpreters. Matter is full of holes (the atom is 99% space) so why do we perceive it as solid? The ONLY reason we perceive all of that space (matter) as solid is because we are vibrationally tuned in to it. That vibrational tuning is also how we perceive and manifest into our physical experience. Buckminster Fuller made this clear in his masterwork called Synergetics
It's all about vibration, and energy alignment to the vibration of the thing that is wanted.

The Value of Action

Sometimes taking action before your energy is lined up can help jar you into better creating, but this is usually a sign that afterwards you still need to do some more work clarifying your visualization. Sometimes just getting off your butt and into a little action can be a good thing, even if it is ineffective action! It can help to break up old energy patterns. But remember that the universe will always answer your vibration, so if your energy is not lined up with your goal, it won't come to you precisely as intended. It will come with all of the other I'm urities mixed up with it in your thought stream. This is the most frustrating part about the creative process, because we THINK we have our energy all lined up, but what we get is not a match to our intention.

By examining what did manifest, we can identify old beliefs and feelings and further clarify our visualization.

Don't give up just because you have been at it for a while and still haven't received! Continue the process of aligning your energy and when it feels better, go into action again and observe the results. When your energy is fully a vibrational match to your desire, you will feel it. You will KNOW it. After that, you know it will come, and the game is over! You've won.

Usually, any action taken out of a sense that "it has to be done" is a sign that you have not aligned your energy clearly enough to your goal. Under these conditions, you will struggle to a slight or great degree. Here's an example: I decided to raise my prices in my contracting work last summer. But I didn't really believe that the market could support it. So every time I bid a job at the new price, I never got it. Funny how that works. Because my energy was not lined up, I continued to attract the clients that were only willing to pay me at the old rates. It was only after I went back and removed some of my old beliefs about my self worth and about money, over the holidays, that I was able to bid these jobs comfortably. Now, I am not quite so booked, but I am working at my new, higher rates. If my energy was completely aligned to my goal, I would be overflowing with customers at the new rates.

So I know I still have some work to do!

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