Thursday, June 7, 2007

Manifestation,part 8

The Creative Process and Life Force

Receiving the manifestation is, paradoxically, not the purpose of this process, as we mentioned above. It is the alignment of your energy. The manifestation is a by-product of the alignment of your energy to it. It the alignment of energy within you that brings about a feeling of joy.

All during the process, the desire you have is causing life force energy to surge through you. That's the real purpose of any manifestation process. This can be seen easily enough, for soon after you realize the manifestation in your experience, you have another desire. And another, and another, and another! If the manifestation were the end result, you would only need to create once. We would simply create something, and be happy with it for ever after. But that
doesn't happen, does it? We always get tired of it after a while, and there is always that next desire to shoot for. I enjoyed my first house for a couple of years before I wanted a new one, even though if felt so good to leave my old apartment building. The tendency for all living beings is to desire more and more. This is not greed, it is the desire for more and more life force energy, more and more of the energy that makes you feel great. We all want to feel great all of the time, right? People who are greedy are grabbing for more and more, but they don't understand that the prize is the state of beingness, which brings joy.

Desire is life force, so the more desire there is, the more alive you feel (unless you are resisting, for some reason, then it feels crummy. That's why some teachers promote the extinguishing of desire. But it's not desire that's the problem, it's the beliefs which contradict desire, blocking the flow of life force energy).

Life force energy, or prana, or chi, is the energy of thought, and feels wonderful. Tapping into this energy is sheer joy, and it is this energy which is the energy of creation itself, and which you are using in your creative process.

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