Sunday, June 3, 2007

Manifestation,part 6

The Law of Attraction

The Prize

The prize is always a state of beingness. It is never the thing manifested. Why is this? Because the only reason you want anything in the first place, is because you think it will make you feel good! A material object is fun to use and play around with, but an object does not have the inherent ability to make you feel good. That is why a rich person can still be miserable.

A state of beingness is an attitude, an emotion, a feeling, a point of perception. It is something within you. It is what you are at any moment of Now. It is the nature of consciousness. A doingness or a havingness is something outside of yourself, but a state of being is intrinsic to your very essence.

The manifestation, when it occurs, just helps to hold you in a state of beingness, an attitude of joy.

If you attempt to go into action before your energy is properly aligned to your goal, you will struggle. So if you are struggling, unfixate and take another look at the situation. Don't keep trying new actions in a desperate attempt to pull it off! Go back to the state of beingness. All creation is done from a state of beingness, not doingness. Doingness comes after a state of beingness is attained, if you are smart! A beingness of confusion about what you want will lead
to a doingness of struggle and hard work. A beingness of complete clarity about what you want will inevitably lead to a doingness of effortless and effective action towards your goal.

Some might be worried about this reliance on beingness as opposed to action, because the difficulties aren't apparent to you when you are just imagining it. Everything just goes hunk-dory when you dream it up, but that's not often how it goes down in the 'real world.'

However, if you work with this process for a while, you will discover that a beingness which is aligned energetically to your goal will, when action is taken, always lead you to handling of the precise roadblocks in your way, so that the actions you take will be minimized and always effective . 'Work smart, not hard", as one of my teachers used to say. If you are finding that you are not getting results, stop what you are doing, go back and find more clarity in your vision
of what you want. If you have complete clarity and alignment of energy to your goal, you will be led inexorably to the most efficient actions necessary for manifestation. It is inevitable! And need I say that when your energy is fully aligned to your desire or goal, that you feel great? If you are creating but not having fun, you're going to be waiting a long time to get what you want!

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