Monday, May 28, 2007

Manifestation,part 4

The Belief in Hard Work

The most inefficient workers are always those who are working the hardest. The best workers are the ones who get their tasks done effortlessly. The workers who do their work effortlessly are those who have completely aligned themselves to the task at hand. They know exactly what to do and when to do it and there is no question about it. They are 'in the zone', and their effort is joyful. The ones who are sweating, on the contrary, are in a state of disconnect from their tasks. They are disconnected from themselves as well. That is why they are struggling so much.All of their effort LOOKS good, but is inefficient. Their energies are not aligned to the task they are attempting.

It's like using a gigantic fire hose to move a rock off your driveway. There is water flying all over the place! All the neighbors are fascinated with the tremendous gouts of spray gushing about, it makes good entertainment, but really all you had to do was go pick up the rock and give it a toss!

Nothing comes to you, manifests for you, unless you are ALREADY a vibrational match to it. That's just the way the universe works. The universe, through the powerful and infallible Law of Vibration and the Law of 'like attracts like', matches people up with other people,objects, and situations which are like unto them. So any manifestation is just a by-product of the alignment of energy withinyourself to your goal.

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