Friday, May 18, 2007

The Infallibility of the Law of Attraction, part 5

As you imagine yourself where you want to be, you will discover old, resistive thought patterns or feelings. When these come up, just release them. These old thought patterns are not only blocking the flow of your desire, but also the manifestation energy the universe is sending you,in response to your new vibration. So by ridding yourself of old, resistive thoughts and feelings you are unblocking yourself on the outflow of your vibrational signal and on the inflow, the
answering response from your environment. For example, if you are relaxed and happy about your new house, you may get an I'm ulse to interview for a better paying job you saw in the newspaper. The interviewer just happens to be in a good mood that morning, and the
interview turns out great. You get to talking after and you both hit it off. You get the job, and now you can see some light at the end of the financial tunnel. If you were feeling crummy about getting the down payment, you would have arrived when the interviewer was in a bad mood, the interview would have sucked, and you'd still be in the old job wondering where the bucks were going to come from.

This was a very hard step for me. It was very difficult for me to overcome the idea that the reality I observe is senior to the reality I create through my visualization. Whenever I started to feel really good about creating a life of financial independence, thoughts of my present reality would always I'm inge. Since the current reality was far from financial security, it was hard to hold my vibration purely. Once I began to do so, however, I began to notice subtle changes in
my current reality that more closely matched with my visualized reality. This made it easier to hold my vibration purely and led to faster manifestation of what I wanted. It's easy to say, just release old thoughts and feelings, but here's a way to do it that really worked for me:

Imagine a feeling of relief. We all know how this feels -- like a burden being lifted from you. You feel lighter! Just imagine a feeling of relief from any old thought pattern or unwanted emotion; try to achieve a feeling of being released from a burden. I imagined this big weight being liftedfrom inside me, and being burned up in a big fire. Whatever works for you is good!

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