Saturday, May 19, 2007

ALIGNING ENERGY,by Kenneth James Michael MacLean

by Kenneth James Michael MacLean

The fifth step, which I have already described, is being able to purely focus upon the energy of what is wanted. This is a major step, because you have to be clear enough not to have old beliefs and feelings I'm inging on you every time you attempt to place yourself in your new vibration. You will find, if you are like me, that it will take quite a bit of visualization and holding your vibration where you want it, before you can do this step easily. But once you reach the
point of being able to hold your vibration purely for around 15 or 20 seconds at a time, just being in the feeling of it, the deliciousness of it, without contradictory thought or feeling, you
are on your way to much quicker manifestation. Of course, if you have reached this stage, you no longer really care whether you ever experience the manifestation. Because, and here is the key, once you create your vision and have a good feeling about it, you have to let it go. If you get hung up worrying about the fact you haven't got it yet, you will be sticking yourself in the present. Robert Fritz does a great job describing this idea in his wonderful book called "The Path of Least Resistance", about the creative process. When you can align your energy to your dream, in that higher vibration, it feels so good that you don't feel the need to hold on so tightly to the present. You are envisioning for the sheer pleasure of it!

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