Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Infallibility of the Law of Attraction, part 3

The third step is staying in the present moment while deliberately envisioning what you want. Go through life as much as possible, living in 'now' time. The 'now' moment exists for all eternity, and always is the moment of creation. Envision having what you want NOW. You envision what you want in the now, and when it comes to you, it will be in the now. It's hard to communicate this concept, because we perceive time as linear -- past, present, future. But the linearity of
time is an illusion. The present moment is the platform for everything that is created in the universe, because only by being fully conscious can one effectively create. And one can be fully conscious only by being fully present NOW. Live with your vision and the feeling of it as much as possible, no matter what you are doing.

Never dwell on negative events of the past. What's done is done and by far your most powerful point of attraction, by many orders of magnitude, is in the present. When you start to create in this way you will be amazed at how many of your thoughts will be opposed to what you are trying to create. That's OK, as long as you don't pursue them. Stay in the present moment and continue to create what you want! Sometimes it is good to spend some time in the now, relishing past moments of pleasure. This is especially useful when you are having a bad day. ANYTHING you can do to bring yourself to a place of feeling good is valuable, because you are raising your vibe up to speed with your desire!

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