Friday, March 16, 2007

Part Three: Where has all the Magic Gone?

I think that down deep we, as a people, fear the idea of being made in
the image and likeness of God. I think we fear being of the same Being
as God. We fear being that drop of ocean. Because, really, if we are
just like God, something is really wrong here. Our world is chock full
of problems" misery, poverty, sickness, hate, destruction.
Granted, humanity has demonstrated wonderful things throughout
history, but has also demonstrated great horrors. Brutal, senseless,
evil horrors. So the thought of Man being one with God is a very scary
thing indeed. Somebody or something has got to be better and more
powerful than we are. Oddly, denying our own power is the only way we
can feel safe in this world.

Maybe we should give up the self-judgment and take Gods word
for it - we have power that we are not aware of. Or, since people have
historically demonstrated feats of magic, maybe I should say that we
were once aware of it but, over the years, our own logic has obscured
it from our consciousness.

It seems that at some point in time, we began to move away from the
idea of being magic, of having mental control over the physical world.
Religious leaders not only deemed it an evil ritual but also
persecuted those that attempted to practice their personal power. At
roughly the same time, people became more inquisitive of the workings
of the physical world and turned to the scientific method. We became
more and more logical, needing empirical evidence to back our beliefs.
Our pursuit of science took us further and further away from the
reality of humans performing magic but is now beginning to
take us closer and closer again.

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