Saturday, March 17, 2007

Part Four: Where has all the Magic Gone?

With science, we have found that everything physical is made up of
energy. Everything in the physical world, including the air we
breathe, is made up of atoms, which are made up of sub atomic
particles, which are really just packets of energy. This one basic,
fundamental energy combines in specific arrangements to create
infinite forms of matter much like binary code, ones and zeros,
arranged in specific patterns create an unlimited amount of computer
programs. Or, as another example, similar to the way twenty-six
letters forms the basis for a vast language.

The fact is, at its most basic level, the human body is no different
than a rock. Or a blade of grass. Or the martini we sip on after work.

Science has also discovered something phenomenal about our physical
universe. And that is the discovery of the Zero Point Energy Field, or
what many people call free energy. Zero Point Energy is the
fundamental energy field from which all physical matter springs. It is
the fabric of the universe from which all things are made. It is a
field of energy, of potentiality, ready to become molded into
physicality. It exists at every point of space, is everlasting, and
can never be destroyed nor consumed, only transformed.

The reality is that we all have access to this energy field. We are,
in fact, made of this energy from the Zero Point Field. So it seems
logical that we not only have access to it, but that we should be able
manipulate it consciously and purposefully. In other words, we should
be able to perform magic. Because if everything in the physical world
is made from this one basic energy, then magic is simply the
manipulation of that energy. Right? To make a computer program
"appear" out of thin air, I simply would arrange ones and zeros, which
already exist, into a specific pattern. Voila. Magic.

So how do we do it? How do we access the fundamental energy of the
universe and manipulate it for our purpose?

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Rocky said...

Isn't it significant that a human should apprehend the secret of the physical universe and the first thing he thinks of is how to manipulate it to his imagined advantage. What a sick bunch of bozos. Has it occurred to you that the "Zero point field" might be the aspects of a conscious entity? Maybe one with a plan for you? Why not stop and listen and see if this entity is attempting to communicate with you?

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