Thursday, March 15, 2007

Part Two: Where has all the Magic Gone?

Throughout history, magic has had a place in religion as well.
Christianity is no different, though no one really looks at
Christianity in this type of light. After all, wasn't it magic
when Jesus turned water into wine? Wasn't it magic when he fed
hundreds of people with several fish and a few loaves of bread?
Wasn't it magic when he walked on water? What else can you
really call it? Religious leaders don't call it magic, they
call it a miracle. If we define magic as the ability to have mental
control over the physical world, then a miracle is magic practiced by
God. But the religious leaders throughout our history have said that
only God can have this power. Normal people are not allowed to perform
these spectacular feats because it is blasphemous and offensive to
God. It is evil. Yet God never said that was the case. Contrarily, he
said the opposite" that man and God are one, that Man is made
in His exact image and likeness, that what He can do we can do. Much
like a drop of ocean is not the entire ocean, but is an individualized
portion of the ocean and has the exact same attributes. And even
though God has given us this message throughout the ages, Man
disagrees. It is Man that has said that magic is glorious when God
performs it, but evil when Man performs it.

So why would we turn away from a power that we desperately want and
are told that we have?

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