Tuesday, September 1, 2015

You Have To DO Something

You Have To DO Something

A lot of the time you hear people equate New Thought with "Magical Thinking".

Well it is magical thinking I suppose.
But you can think, feel, all you want, but unless you DO, nothing will happen.
The money, health, wealth, abundance, relationships will not just fall out of the sky.
You have to get out there and do.

Tony Robbins said, "Never leave the scene of an Intention without taking action".
Neville Goddard said many times to do the mental side, but to "go about your Father's business."

Now I have heard some, Reverend Ike for one, say that no matter what happens, if the money has to fall out of the sky, you will get it.
But even he admitted that it was a rare occurrence.

Yes I have seen money appear literally out of thin air.
But it does not happen often and since it is not a reproducable event, it is not a "Law".
It just does happen sometimes.
I have seen people healed out of the blue.
But not enough to call it a law.

Think, feel, affirm, chant, whatever you need to do.
But do as well.

I dont think that you will find a rich person anywhere that will tell you that all they did was affirm and feel and they became billionaires.
They did something.
The money had to come through acknowledged channels.

Listen to the old teachers like Hill, Nightingale, they all teach this.

Now I remember that Louise Berlay said that she locked herself in a bedroom for days and focused on one thing.
Carole Dore has the "I am at one with a tremendous amount of money" chant along with money smelling.
People use attraction sigils.

But you are not gonna hear a single billionaire say that he wished for money until it appeared.
He (or she) did something.

Here is a video by Earl Nightingale that gives some mental activities to try every day, and here is a link to a PDF that contains the lecture and more.
The PDF is here: http://communitysuccess.org/sites/default/files/u9/LeadTheField-Earl%20Nightingale.pdf
Miracle of Your Mind is Chapter 4.
Earl Nightingale - The Miracle of Your Mind

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