Saturday, September 26, 2015

Neville Goddard - Breathing Technique

Neville Goddard - Breathing Technique

Neville spoke of a lot of different ways to reach your goals.
Feeling, the audio playback, seeing things visually, it wasn't just one thing.
In his lecture "Andrew" he gave a breathing technique.
He mentions it twice, once at the beginning and once at the end.

Here is the best that I could do transcribing the highlights of what he says at the end, the gist of it.

"Get into a lovely, quiet relaxed frame, no so called "Holy Attitude", forget that.
You're Holy when you are in love.
God is love, so if you'd love it for someone else, that's all that you need, that mood.
Wouldn't it be wonder IF she actually had it, if he had it, if they had it.
So you know exactly what you want now.
And then you imagine that you are seeing them.
You can see them in your mind's eye and see them vividly.
And then breath yourself into a rhythm.
 They are telling you that they have it.
And you are getting yourself worked up, mostly because you know that they are telling you that they have exactly what you know they want the in this world.
And then you reach a certain point and you explode.
(He mentions earlier breathing in and out and one deep inhalation and then explode)
Something actually goes out of you, it's power.
And you read the words, "Who touched me? For I perceive that virtue has gone out of me. At that moment she was healed."

"Work yourself right up into that state, then let it go. And do not raise one finger to make it so." 


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