Tuesday, September 8, 2009

That Which I Have Greatly Loved Has Come Upon Me

I have been a little quiet as of late.
But I had a reason.

As some of you know, I had c*ncer (I wont even grace the word by spelling it out anymore) back in 2007.
I had surgery, 12 weeks of chemo and was pronounced clean.
But I have to go back to the Dr every few months for blood tests to make sure there is no reoccurrence.
Well the last test showed a slight rise in my tumor count.
They scheduled me for a CT scan last Friday and I have been waiting for the test results since then.

I know what fear is.
I have looked it straight in the face.
I fight fear constantly.
Everyone that has been through c*ncer does I guess.
But you add my OCD, Anxiety Disorder and panic attacks to it, and you have a potent cocktail for trouble.

Well I fought for 5 days and finally last night I almost gave up knowing I would hear the results today.
I e-mailed Rev. Bates who has an excellent website with a lot of Joseph Murphy on it.
The Rev e-mailed me back and said
" If you are knowledgeable of the Bible you will recall that Job said, "that which I have greatly feared has come upon me." Just imagine what a difference his life would have been had he said, "that which I have greatly loved has come upon me." I know and I know that I know, that God indwells you ... for God is Life, and you are part of this Life."

"That which I have greatly loved has come upon me".
How powerful is that?
Not fear, not doubt, but love.
I am saying that what I love is here now upon me.

I repeated that phrase over and over and latched onto the feeling that I had before when the Dr said I was clean.
I thanked God over and over for me getting a clean scan again.

This morning the phone rang and my Dr said " The CT scan was clear. No c*ncer at all."

I thought I had thanked God a lot last night, but it's nothing compared to the joy and freedom I have felt today.
Remember the old "No Fear" T-Shirts?
I think that's a good motto.



Starcire said...

I am not a doctor but I read your post and I feel compelled to tell you that there is alternative treatments that are natural cures for your illness. First of all you need to get your body in an alkaline state.You need alot of Vitamin D that the sunlight provides.Coral calcium. There is a host of other natural things you can take to help. Above all try to avoid the chemo. Two things;check out an article that is posted on http://theseaport.com and then go to www.ktradionetwork.com. It is a radio show broadcast out of Chicago. Chck out his archived shows. He goes into great detail with a doctor about cures for your illness that I think will be beneficial to you. Don't delay. Do this now. I will keep you in my prayers.

Dave Narby said...

First, RELAX... What you're looking at is only an indicator. Change your vibration (emotional state) and your indicator will change. That's an almost direct quote from Abraham-Hicks.

If you're not familiar with what they have to say on the subject, I would strongly recommend you get their material on health & well-being.

If you need a more robust physical excuse to let well being in... I would suggest you look into Carnosine - It's an amino acid that's cytotoxic to neoplastic cells. ; )

Dave Narby said...

Please ignore/delete my original comment - I didn't read your full post..! In fact, you don't have to post this one either. Or post them both, it doesn't matter to me, I just wanted to share with you.


WELL DONE! You managed to pull off one of the more difficult vibrational state changes there is!

Now, the REALLY scary part... If you could do that, what CAN'T you do?

NOTHING. EVERYTHING you desire is within your grasp, if you can relax and let it in.

So congratulations again, and welcome to another leg down the rabbit hole!

Dr. Fusion said...

WOW Sabre, I didn't know you were ill but this is wonderful news!!!
Recently my own father was on the intensive care because he was very ill and I did a treatment for him and the next day he was better!
I know Dr. Bates and he is an amazing person filled with God's love. I read you like Joseph Murphy, well I'm a huge Murphy fan and have many books by him. I would love to send you some books if you'd like to read more from him. I also have many hundreds of other books about New Thought, Mental Science etc. So if you have any requests I'd love to send them to you! here's my email: metaphysicalconsultants@gmail.com

Have a great and healthy life my friend !! God bless you.

Best wishes,


~~ Sabre ~~ said...

Okay, well thanks for all of the well wishes but I have to point out that according to the Doctors (and myself) at this point I am c*ncer free.
So I am not ill...LOL.
I was, but as Monty Python says "I got better".

Michael said...

Sabre Blade,

May you have abundant good fortune; serene peace, and most certainly restored health. Every morning before my martial arts practice, you will be included included in my devotions.

Michael Collins

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