Wednesday, August 5, 2009

EFT and the Law of Attraction Report 3

Okay, it's been 14 days now of me doing the EFT and the Law of Attraction experiment.

Has anything amazing happened?
True I had that one instance, but really that could be chalked up to coincidence.
No 18,000 dollars showing up out of nowhere.
So now do I keep tapping?
Well it has only been two weeks.
I think I'll go another week, give it a month and see what happens.

Now really, doing the tapping does seem to relax me more, so I can recommend EFT for relaxation.
But as far as the Law of Attraction, I haven't seen anything yet to substantiate that.
Of course everyone is different and what works for you may not work for me.
So I can only tell you what my personal experience is.
I do really hope this works.
I'd love to find a system I can recommend to everyone.
I would dearly LOVE to post here one day and say "This is amazing! You have to do it!"
But until that day, I'll keep working these things out.

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