Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mantra Updates

Okay, I have been using the " Shreem" mantra to attract wealth, the "Thiru Neela Kantam" mantra to dissolve bad karma and Wayne Dyer's "Meditations of Manifesting" CD.
Has anything happened?
I can't really say that money has fallen from the sky, but there have been a few "coincidences" that are starting to pile up onto of each other.
For example.....
Getting a bill, calling the place, talking to the people there and discovering that the bill is actually less than what they thought.
Saved ten dollars.
Counting money twice, then handing it to a cashier, they count it and hand you back money saying you over paid them.
Saved twenty dollars.
Online business (affiliate sales, ads etc) taking an upwards turn.
Getting a check in the mail that I didn't think I would get till next month.
Like I said, a million dollars hasn't appeared out of nowhere (yet), but things do seem to be working.
Of course there have been setbacks, but somehow the setbacks seem to get balanced out.
The main thing is that when TSHTF, don't freak out!
Use what you have learned.
If you haven't checked out Dattatreya Siva Baba's channel on YouTube, give it a look.
Watch his videos, you'll see him address the "I Am" that Neville spoke about, and many references from the Bible.
Like I said before, this changing your vibrational frequency to match the proper frequency (via sound-mantras) does make sense to me.

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Walt said...

My reluctant friend, you are in my life for some reason. perhaps this is why.

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