Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wayne Dyer, "Getting in the Gap" and "Meditations for Manifesting"

I bought two CD/Books this week.
"Getting in the Gap" and "Meditations for Manifesting" both by Wayne Dyer.
Both are good, but "Getting in the Gap" could have really been just a CD with liner notes.
Don't get me wrong, they both have good info, but they are repetitious.
Not all of Dr. Dyers stuff is like that. I've read several of his books and they are full of good information.
But with "Getting in the Gap", I could give you the whole technique in one blog entry.
I liked "Meditations for Manifesting" because I need someone to chant along with so to speak.
It annoys some people but it helps me.
Also, it's kinda like having your own Guru working with you.
Now the rumors I hear about the "Meditations for Manifesting" CD is that it starts working in about 15 days.....
I'll let you know.

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Walt said...

Try it with a glass of good wine and see if the results you wish to achieve do not come to you quicker.
For initiates of many left-handed tantric sects, wine is regarded as a goddess and drinking as a sacred rite. This meditation should be viewed in this context.

"Imagine that your spine is the stem of a flowering plant growing in an ocean of the purest red wine. The long stem flowers above your skull and the red flower floats on the surface of the wine. Place an image of yourself, dressed in red clothes, in the centre of the red flower. The ocean glints and shimmers in the strong light. You see a long way on thelimitless ocean of wine. Feel that the stem is tugged gently from below the surface. The flower is slightly submerged and wine pours in over the petals and syphons down the stem, slowly filling up your body, making it indistinguishable from the ocean in which it is submerged.

When you are ready to finish, feel that the pressure on your stem is released. The red flower bobs up to the surface and wine ceases to pour into your body. Place the image of yourself back in your heart and allow yourself to focus again on the place where you are working."

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