Monday, September 3, 2007

Walk on the Water, Neville Goddard

From Walk on the Water, by Neville Goddard

"I know of no limitation to the power of God. David is described in the Book of Samuel as ruddy, with beautiful eyes, and fair of skin. If you judge from appearance, then certain races would be excluded - but David is not of this world. David is he who rises in us because of the descent of the seed of God. Whether you are Caucasian, Negro, or Oriental, Christ - God's seed - descends and plants itself in you. And when union between that descending, higher seed and that which is only an animated being takes place, you are individually lifted into a supernatural world, where you know yourself to be the father of God's only begotten son, David."

I urge you to use your imagination for everything that is lovely and loving. I don't care what your desire may be - your imagination will give it to you, for the human imagination is the divine body the world calls Jesus. Because you can imagine and I can imagine, we are members of that one divine body, and all things are possible to him. There is not a thing impossible to God. All you need do is imagine its fulfillment!

Faith is an experiment which ends as an experience. Experiment by believing you already have all that you desire, and you will have the experience. Test yourself like my friend did. He experimented with the thought that the lady had a wonderful boyfriend. He then imagined hearing her tell him about the new man in her life. Then his experiment became her experience. You are the center of the world in which you live. A seeming other is only an extension of yourself, for the center of your being is protean. It is he who plays the parts of all the seeming others. I challenge you to experiment with a new or better job, a husband or a wife, a new car or home. Don't try to analyze your desires or blame yourself, for the moment you do, you discover unnumbered things which are unlovely, and the moment they are thought, they are formed.

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