Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sri Siva's Manifesting process

Sri Siva's Manifesting process

First fix in your mind something you really want to manifest. Starting out, make it something that you really think could happen to make it easier at first.

Then imagine a column of enegry starting at your root chakra and going up through your body to your third eye chakra.

Next, Close your eyes and make the sound " Aaaaaaah" out loud while you imagine the energy traveling from your root chakra up through your body and out of your third eye. Turn your eyeballs up slightly(still closed) and picture the goal like you are watching it on a TV.

Try this once a day for two weeks, maybe 15 to 20 minutes. Or use a mala string with 108 beads to count the Ahhhhs. Or just do it till you feel like you have done it enough.

Wayne Dyer has a "Meditations for Manifesting" CD that you could easily use for this.

You'll notice this differs from Neville Goddard in you are seeing the goal fullfilled rather than " being" the goal fullfilled.

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