Thursday, July 12, 2007

Manifesting: Ara Kara

Here is another technique taught by Sri Siva.
It's similar to the "Ahhh" but a little more involved.

Actually this sound includes "Ahh" in it.

The sound he recommends is Ara Kara. (Pronounced "AH-ruh KAH-ruh")

All you need do with it is say it. Internally or aloud. You just keep repeating those four syllables.

First pick a goal, like with the Ahhh meditation.
Again, start small. Or start with something that's doable. In theory manifesting a house is no harder than manifesting a rose. BUT, if you have mental blocks, manifesting a smaller object first may be easier for you.

Now, think about the goal VIVIDLY while making the sound "Ara Kara", aloud or silently. Picture it as already done, don't worry about the why or how.

Do this as often as you like. You can do it constantly.

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