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MANIFESTING (as described by Neville Goddard) part 10

(as described by Neville Goddard)
Revision 12/09/2003
By Shawn Regan

The 10 aspects of correct manifesting

9. Time

"There is always an interval of time between the impression and its expression, between the conscious claim and its embodiment. This interval is called the Sabbath, the period of rest or non-effort (the day of entombment)." – Neville

In his book “Your Faith is Your Fortune” Neville acknowledges the element of time involved in manifestation. Although time is ultimately an illusion, it is an illusion we must contend with until we transcend physical limitations. The time it takes to manifest something would depend on the feeling intensity and the diligence of the practitioner.

"Acting at high tension, an imaginal act is an immediate objective fact.
Keyed low, an imaginal act is realized in a time process." - Neville

"Man is such a slave to time that, if after he has appropriated a state of consciousness which is not now seen by the world and it, the appropriated state, does not immediately embody itself, he loses faith in his unseen claim;
forthwith he drops it and returns to his former static state of being.
Because of this limitation of main I have found it very helpful to employ a specified interval of time in making this journey into a prepared mansion." - Neville

“Now I (consciousness) go to a point in time and there prepare a place." - Neville

"With this belief firmly established decide what would be a relative,
rational interval of time in which such a desire could be realized.
Again let me remind you not to shorten the interval of time because you are anxious to receive your desire; make it a natural interval.
No one can give you the time interval.
Only you can say what the natural interval would be to you." - Neville

"Confidence in yourself as determined by conditioned consciousness always shortens the interval of time. If you were accustomed to great accomplishments, you would give yourself a much shorter interval in which to accomplish your desire than the man schooled in defeat." - Neville

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