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MANIFESTING (as described by Neville Goddard) part 4

(as described by Neville Goddard)
Revision 12/09/2003
By Shawn Regan

The 10 aspects of correct manifesting

3. Visualization
"Now, this is what I mean by spiritual sensation.
Imagine that you are holding a rose in your hand. Smell it.
Do you detect the odor of roses ? Well, if the rose is not there,
why is its fragrance in the air ?
Through spiritual sensation - that is - through imaginal sight, sound, scent, taste and touch, you can give to the image sensory vividness.
If you do this, all things will conspire to aid your harvesting and upon reflection you will see how subtle were the threads that led to your goal." – Neville

The more senses we can engage mentally the better in our process of visualization.
Anything we can use to help bring us to the state the better.
If you are wanting to move to a new city then always carry a picture of this new city with you. Throughout the day sit down and gaze into your picture.
Imagine the feeling of living in that city inside the scene in your picture.
See the streets, smell the scents in the air, feel the warmth or coolness the humidity or lack of, hear the sounds local to that area.

“Through spiritual sensation - through your use of imaginal sight, sound, scent, taste and touch - you will give to your image the sensory vividness necessary to produce that image in your outer or shadow world.” - Neville

“The world is a mirror where-in everyone sees himself reflected. The objective world reflects the beliefs of the subjective mind. Some people are self-impressed best by visual images, others by mental sounds, and still others by mental actions. The form of mental activity which allows the whole power of your attention to be focused in one chosen direction is the one to cultivate, until you can bring all to plan on your objective at the same time.” - Neville

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