Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Law of Attraction, part 2

The Law of Attraction states that everything draws to itself that
which is like itself. In other words, all things draw to themselves
that which is similar or identical. Energies of a similar nature will
always be drawn towards each other; that is the principle of
magnetism. All thought attracts, and thoughts attract other thoughts
of a similar nature until they begin to compound and gather momentum,
eventually leading to the manifestation of something very 'real' in
your experience. You are using the Law of Attraction all of the time.
There is not one moment when you are not using this law. It does not
need for you to be conscious of it in order for you to experience its
results. Every experience, every object, every person in your life is
present in your life because you have drawn them into your experience.
There are no exceptions to this rule, no chance meetings, no
coincidences, no accidents, no divine intervention, no external forces
stopping you from having what you want, and no one rewarding you. Your
experience is all created by you, you are responsible for all of it,
not just some of it, or most of it, but all of it. We hear you say,
"But I did not want this circumstance to come into my life." And we
would agree that there are many things that you would indeed not
purposefully invite into your life. Once you come to understand the
Law of Attraction, you will begin to understand that whatever you
direct your attention to is invited into your experience. You will
also begin to know that there is no difference between negative
attention and positive attention.

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