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ALL THINGS EXIST, part 1, Neville Goddard 5-24-1968

ALL THINGS EXIST, part 1, Neville Goddard 5-24-1968

“All that you behold, though it appears without, it is within, in your imagination of which this world of mortality is but a shadow.”
(William Blake)

The world of imagination is infinite and eternal, whereas the world of generation is finite and temporary. In that eternal world, the permanent realities of everything exist. Their reflections are here, cast in a glass called nature.

“The oak is cut down by the ax
And the lamb falls by the knife,
But their eternal forms exist forever,
And are renewed by the seed of contemplative thought.”
(William Blake)

The permanent realities of an extinct bird, animal, or fish, live! They can be resurrected and externalized by the seed of your contemplative thought, for everything lives within you!

This world of generation I call the world of Caesar should not be neglected, as it is an important aspect of reality, even though it is only a shadow. Scripture urges us to revise, to forgive, and change our thoughts, thereby changing the conditions of our life. This is how it is done.

A friend recently wrote saying: “Three weeks ago a friend called, saying he was afraid he was going to be fired. I instantly revised his call. Hearing his voice bubbling with excitement, he told me how he had been praised for his work and I felt the thrill of rejoicing with him. Today he came to my office and said the very words I heard in my imagination.
“This morning, while dressing I was thinking about an ad I was working on which carried the name of a very prominent man in San Francisco. As I ran the ad through my mind I said to myself, I want to put the word ‘Mister’ before his name. I did it and it felt right. I made a mental note to do it when I arrived at the office, and promptly dropped the thought. That afternoon the man called, asking that I insert ‘Mister’ before his name - not in the ad, but in a radio commercial where his name was used.”

Then my friend added this thought: “I stand in awe at the operation of this law. You asked about the little pig I saw. He was small, but fat, and the way I am stuffing him today, in no time at all he will be so large he will fill this room.

For those who are not familiar with this symbol, the pig is the symbol of Christ, the power and wisdom of God. Every time you exercise your imagination lovingly on behalf of another or yourself, you are feeding Jesus Christ. My friend is stuffing his pig, because every moment of time he is alert and putting this law into practice.

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