Monday, July 30, 2007

ALL THINGS EXIST, part 2, Neville Goddard 5-24-1968

Now a lady wrote, saying: “I found myself looking at an enormous building at the edge of a vast body of water where your classes were held. A man at my side asked: ‘How do the students get to the classes?’ Pointing to another student who was walking on the water towards her destination I answered: ‘That’s how it is done.’” “Unwilling to accept my answer the man said: ‘But how do you do it?’ and I confessed: ‘I have placed stones just below the water.’ Then the scene changed and I am with a friend who said: ‘I am pregnant.’ Shocked, because I knew she had no husband I asked: ‘By whom?’ and before she could answer, I awoke.

“Three nights later I found myself in a very large building containing a theater, where you were the one actor who was playing every part. As you assumed the role of the blind man, I realized there was no one to lead you, so I ran to help. As we walked, we came upon a young boy sound asleep. Then you said: ‘I told him to meditate and he has fallen asleep again.’

“The scene changed, and I am viewing paper decorations hanging above a door. I reached up to pull them down, when an enormous wind caught me and I felt as though I was borne in the arms of a very strong man and awoke saying, ‘I love thee, O Lord.’”

This marvelous series of dreams revealed much. This lady admitted crossing the water while walking on a solid foundation. Now the Bible is a parable from beginning to end, and water is the symbol of its psychological truth. The literal interpretation of a parable is solid as a rock. When the meaning behind the parable is discovered, the stone is rolled away and the water found. However if a little solid reality in this world is desired while playing with this psychological truth, it becomes stepping-stones below the water. Loving what is heard is not enough. One must be willing to go all out and walk on the water. Instead, feeling she must be practical as she was living in a world of reality where rent must be paid, food bought, and clothes purchased, she is unable to walk by faith at the present time.

Let me give you a definition that came to me concerning the word faith. Faith is the subjective appropriation of an objective hope. When my friend revised the first telephone conversation, he subjectively appropriated what he hoped would objectify for his friend. He remained faithful to his imaginal act, and confirmation came.

Do as my friend does, and you will experience the glorious sensation of walking on the water in your mystical world. In my own case I was pulled by a wonderful goose, the symbol of the Holy Spirit. Having lassoed him with a silver chain - the symbol of knowledge - he propelled me over this fabulous water. This is He who will lead you into all things, as recorded in the 14th chapter of the Book of John.

The lady saw the protean man when she saw me playing all the parts. As the dreamer of the dream, she has been impregnated by the one she spoke to when she awoke, saying: “I love thee, O Lord.” Mary did not know the name of the one who impregnated her, yet it was the same Lord, the same I AM.

In this lady’s dream she was so brutally honest with herself when the man insisted that she tell him how she crossed the water. She could have said she walked on the water. Instead she told him exactly how it was done, thereby admitting to herself that she has not gone all out and lived by the law, but has a little anchor on the side, in the event it doesn’t work.
In Barbados we have a saying: “I have a hind-claw,” meaning there is some money tucked away in the bank, a little income from the family, or something I can fall back on just in case. We have these beach crabs on the island that are almost impossible to catch. Running at top speed, the crab can run right over a precipice and disappear. If you followed him you would break your neck in the fall, but the crab has a hind-claw that stops his fall. He grabs the earth just below the surface, and there the crab can pause and get his breath before climbing back and entering the race again. I urge you not to have a hind-claw. Be for me or against me, but be one way or the other.

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