Thursday, June 14, 2007

Manifesting Your Heart's Desire, part 4

I talked to other people that seemed to find it easier than many others they knew to manifest things. They too had many of the same questions as me. Why is it that some people are able to manifest all really wonderful things while others struggle? Why is it that we are able to manifest to a certain extent and then find it difficult to go beyond that? And if we can harness what we ARE doing right, can we teach it to others? And in this teaching to others, can we go beyond what we already are able to manifest and pull everyone else along with us that is also willing to go beyond, making it that much easier for them?
Hence this experiment.

Heaven knows I don't have all the answers myself. I keep experimenting with different things the Grandfathers and my other Guides and Angels suggest and I throw those things out in my newsletters to see if others might find them helpful. I read every book, listen to every tape, visit websites, any source where I can find out about and learn more on this manifesting business and Universal Law. I meditate on it almost daily. I ask for validations and signs. How can we make it quicker and easier? And is it even okay to ask that it does become easier? The response to this last question was to my mind most profound. For what I heard was "The more that each of you feels you are totally capable of creating anything that you desire, the faster
you will have peace and the faster Humankind will evolve". Sounds like a good reason to me!

On the next page and hopefully other pages to come, I shall be listing different things that I have been working with that have helped me manifest all the good that is already in my life. Some of the tools I shall offer are books, essences, affirmations, audio tapes, websites, crystals, anything that I come across that has been helpful for me and others. Yet I also don't want this to just be about me throwing things out there. I also want to hear from those of you that desire to
participate in this experiment as I shall be outlining below. What works for you? If you use any of the techniques or resources that will be outlined in the weeks and months to come, what have your results been? I would really like to be able to upload everyone's comments, suggestions and tools that they have used to these pages so that they may benefit others. Perhaps there can even be a questions and answers page though I do ask that others please do feel free to answer
questions as well for surely I sI'm ly cannot do it all myself. You can submit questions and answers to me and I will be happy to upload them as quickly as I can. If you do not want your name to be use, I will designate you as Anonymous though please be sure to let me know!

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