Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Manifesting Your Heart's Desire, part 3

It is said not only in Metaphysical teachings but in the Bible as well "that even before one has asked, it shall be given". So just maybe, it really is meant to be fun and easy and enjoyable and blissful. Just maybe it is possible to manifest things more and more quickly until we all reach a point of literally pulling things out of thin air. Everything we could possibly need is already here. We shift our consciousness from one of lack to abundance and then abundance appears in our lives. We shift our focus from ill health to great health and that too appears in our lives. I know from personal experience that shifting from expecting problems to expecting the best produces
amazing results. And quickly too!

We are already literally pulling things to us out of the "unseen" that is Spirit. We I'm ress upon the Divine energy that is within us and every single thing we can name (and those things we are currently unaware of) what it is we desire either consciously or by default, and
here it comes. It has to. It is Universal Law. Every spiritual master down through the ages has stated this as absolute fact. They have also stated that it is truth that if they can do it, so can you and I.

Several years ago I was guided to fly to New York City for a week. I had no idea where the money would come from. New York is not the least expensive destination in the world and my bank balance certainly wasn't brimming over to the point where I could pay my bills and still
be able to take this journey. Yet when talking to friends about it, all of them, to the last man/woman said they had no worries that the money would come. Each of them saw me in NYC and enjoying myself and doing what ever it was I needed to be doing there. It just didn't
occur to any of them that I would not be able to afford to go. They were right. Money started coming from surprising sources. One friend suddenly sold her home that had been on the market for ages without even a nibble and yet suddenly, there it was selling which left her
flushed with abundance. Bless her, she shared some of that abundance with me "because of all you have done for me and because I love you" and that was the final amount I needed. Just recently another friend said to me "you have always been good at attracting to you what you
need" and upon reflection, I realized she was right! Each time I truly desired something in my life, it has manifested. Not always in ways I would have expected, yet it has manifested. Why? What was I doing that was empowering me to manifest and how could I better harness it so I
could manifest the really BIG things I have desired for years and yet still seem just a bit out of reach?

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