Saturday, May 5, 2007

Excerpt from "Miracle of Imagination" Part 2

Excerpt from "Miracle of Imagination"- by Neville Goddard

For example, suppose you desired a promotion in your office.
Then being congratulated would be an event you would encounter
following the promotion. Selecting this action as the one you
want to experience in your imagination, immobilize your physical
body and induce a drowsy state - one in which you can control
the direction of your thoughts. In this state you can be
attentive without effort. Then visualize a friend standing
before you.

Put your imaginary hand in his. Feel it to be solid and real and
carry on an imaginary conversation with him in harmony with the
feeling of having been promoted. Never visualize yourself at a
distant point in time and space. Make your action take place
here and now! The difference between feeling yourself act here
and now and visualizing yourself in action as though on a movie
screen, is the difference between success and failure.

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