Sunday, March 25, 2007

Part Nine: Where has all the Magic Gone?

Coming to understand that "I am" is the engine of creation has worked
wonders in my life. When I began to pay attention to what I was
thinking and saying about myself and my circumstances, it shocked me.
It didn't take long to draw parallels from these thoughts to my
circumstances in life. So, I thought long and hard about the person I
wanted to be and the characteristics that I wanted to display. And I
began saying them in the "I am" context during my morning meditations.
I am compassionate, I am creative, I am understanding, I am patient, I
am in a job that allows me to be free. These ideas of myself became
ingrained in me and I started finding myself displaying these
characteristics in life. And then I really believed that I was these
things because well, I was. I saw it, I experienced it. And,
like an engine that continues to produce, my life began to flow from
these "I am" statements.

If you continue to make the effort to eliminate the negative beliefs
from your self-definition and consciously, purposefully empower
yourself with positive "I am" statements, you will see real magic come
into your world. I promise. "I am" statements, when they are really
believed and acted upon, can change your entire life. You can create a
new career for yourself, meet the perfect person, establish the
perfect relationship, get the best job, or whatever it is you truly

Now, that's what I call magic.

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