Friday, March 9, 2007

How to Allow For More in Your Life Right Away, Part 1

How to Allow For More in Your Life Right Away
There is a simple but very powerful way in which you can allow for more successes in your life right away. It is a way in which there is nothing to do really, yet you create so many new changes and successes. The first time you try it, it will amaze you as though it were magic. How powerful it is!

So what is this powerful way? Before we answer that, think of a coin. A coin has a heads side and a tails side. Imagine that you hated the tails side of a coin and did everything you could not to ever see or be anywhere near the tail side of a coin. In other words you resisted it. What do you suppose is the natural outcome of that resistance? This is not a trick question. The answer is very simple. Simplicity is perfection. What would happen is that you would never see the heads side either, and so you would never see the whole coin. Of course! It is simply clear that you cannot have a coin with just one side. Resist one side, and you loose the other, and you end up with no coin. It is the same thing with a bird. Any one wing on its own is useless for flight, but both wings together make flight!

And now here is the simple but powerful way:

By universal law, embracing one side allows it’s opposite to manifest automatically.

That is it.

Before we look at this more clearly and powerfully, consider that life is composed of this and that, up and down, left and right, night and day, and so on. Look at the infinity sign. It is two sides joined in the middle, is it not? You find yourself in the middle, where you find the third reality, the powerful way we are talking about here. Let us see how.

The reality you see outside of you is composed of two sides, polarities, dualities. These two sides always appear to be opposites of each other, like poverty and wealth for example. Poverty and wealth look like two completely different realities, yet metaphysically they arise from the same Oneness. Have you ever shone white light into a prism? It splits up into the colors of the rainbow. And if you shine a rainbow spectrum into a prism it comes out of the other side as white light. That is how life moves through you from the nonphysical and shines out into your reality as seemingly opposite things.

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