Saturday, March 24, 2007

Part Eight: Where has all the Magic Gone?

Try it. Look out into the room and try to will something, anything, to
magically appear before you. You know, somewhere down deep in your
mind, that it wont really work. Right?

Well, I'm just like you. While I believe that someday in the
distant future humankind will be able to control their physical
universe, I don't believe that Ill ever be able to do
it. And so I wont.

But I do believe that a different kind of magic can be readily
performed in our lives. We may not be able to twitch our noses and
make things appear, but we can consciously, purposefully, "magically"
create the circumstances that we want to experience in our lives. And
we do this by our self-definition. Self-definition comes from the most
powerful tool each person holds" the phrase "I am."

The phrase "I am" is so powerful because it sets the creative process
in motion. "I am" is the engine of creation. It is pure belief
reacting with the energetic field of potentiality that results in
physical manifestation. Each one of us designs himself or herself by
the "I am" thought. When you think or say the phrase "I am," you will
experience whatever comes after that phrase. I cringe when I hear
people say things like, "I am so stupid!" or "I am so ugly." For you
own sake, catch yourself when these things pop into your mind. Relax.
Then restate your thought. Think, "I feel stupid right now, but I know
I'm not. I am an intelligent person that just made a mistake."

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