Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Law of Attraction, part 1

Subject: The Law of Attraction

Excerpt from:
The Four Principles of Creation
by John L. Payne

Can you tell us more about the Law of Attraction?

We have already shared with you that you are the physical extension of
a non-physical being, and as such you are tapped into the same pure
God force energy that creates worlds. The Four Principles of Creation
are qualities that are a part of you, but at the same time they are
qualities that you inherently strive towards. The reason for your
striving is that you have forgotten that you are a soul having a human
experience, and instead hold the illusion that you are only the you
that you experience on the Earth plane. The greater part of yourself,
your Inner Being, your soul, has prescribed an intention to master
Earth life. Mastering the Earth experience entails moving beyond fear
and living an abundant life of great joy.

Thought is the basis of all creation. Everything was thought into
existence. Even those physical things made by others were first born
in thought before they became matter. The fourth principle is the
principle of creativity. You are the creator of your experience, and
it is your thinking that creates how you experience life. Energy
follows thought, and matter is energy condensed. Therefore, everything
in the world of matter is a result of thought. Your entire world, the
world you see as being real and very alive, is energy that has been
condensed into form by thought. It is as real as you wish to make it.
Collectively, humanity and others species have created this reality,
this dimension of existence, in order to create another unique
experience. This is the experience you call Earth. Each and every one
of you has the power to create whatever it is that you are wanting
through what you are thinking. All energy follows thought, and as
matter is energy, it too will follow thought. The speed at which
things follow thought on the Earth plane depends on your focus, skill,
and practice. It does not matter how many negative thoughts you may
have had in the past; it is the thoughts you are thinking right now
that have the power.
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