Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Part Five: Where has all the Magic Gone?

Have you ever looked at a fish and wondered if it knew that it was
swimming in water? A fish, especially a deep-sea fish, cannot
comprehend the concept of water. It is too uniformly immersed in the
water to detect its presence. As human beings, we are really no
different. We do not see the field of energy that our universe is
immersed in. Scientists call this the Zero Point Energy Field.
Everything in our universe, including the air we breathe and the light
we see, is made up of energy. Underlying the universe as we know it is
an energetic field from which all things seen and unseen spring. Yet
we are completely oblivious to this field of potentiality.

Physical matter is only one aspect of energy. Science has also shown
us that the activities of the human mind is also energy. The brain is
an electronic organ running at a certain electronic frequency. When I
say that the brain is electronic, I mean that it is electrically
powered and electricity generating. The brain is composed of an
estimated 100 billion neurons, each one producing and transmitting
electrical impulses resulting in an unimaginably complex electronic
network. The result of neurons transmitting electrical impulses
throughout a subset of the network is a thought. So, thought is also
energy. It is the same energy that makes up matter, just arranged in a
different pattern, reverberating in a different frequency.

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