Friday, March 30, 2007

The Law of Attraction, Part 3

Your intention is sufficient to create, attract, and invite. Once you
realize this law, you can choose to react in one of two ways. You can
either see yourself as a victim of your own limited and fearful
thinking, or you can celebrate the knowledge that you can have
whatever you want and that you indeed have all the power you need to
create it. This knowledge is a great source of freedom, for you no
longer need to look outside yourself for that which you desire. No
longer do you need to seek permission, either consciously or
subconsciously, because knowing that the four principles are part of
who you are, you can surely know that there is no higher authority in
your life than you. You are it! The buck stops with you. In fact, it
begins there, too. You are the sculptor, and your life is your
sculpture. You are the artist, and your life is your canvas. You are
the playwright, and your life is your script. So what scene are you
going to write for yourself next? Everything you have in your life can
be traced back to an idea or belief. This applies equally to those
things you consider to be positive and those you consider to be
negative. In truth, there is no positive or negative, right or wrong,
good or bad. There is only experience. Your primary motivation for
coming to this planet was to master the experience of life on Earth.
Therefore, all experience is valid. It is your interpretation of the
experience that makes for happiness, or otherwise. You can choose to
see yourself as a victim of circumstances or you can choose to reframe
the negative into the positive and learn from your creations. As you
begin to learn from your creations, you begin to define more clearly
what you want, and as you do this, you begin to focus more clearly on
your goals and desires. Then that which you long for begins to come
into your life much more rapidly, because your attention has shifted
away from that which you do not want towards that which you do want.

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