Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Law of Attraction, Part 2

Therefore, to get or achieve something, match yourself with its vibration. How do you know what your vibration is? You know by what you feel. Your feelings are your indicator of your vibration. And your imagination, your thoughts, activates your feelings.

To get or achieve something, match yourself with its vibration. And your imagination, your thoughts, activates your feelings.

Let us see exactly how that is done. These steps can be expanded for more accuracy, but the following quick summary will get you started very well.

1. First, decide what your goal is. For this example, let us assume that your goal is to have a new car. Write that down. It is very important that you write it down, as that crystallizes your thoughts and gives a boost to the manifestation process.

2. Next, get some pictures that are similar to the end result of your goals. You will use these to help you imagine, visualize, and therefore match your vibration to your achieved goal and therefore make it happen. For example, if you wish to have a new car, get some pictures of the type of car you would like. You can get those free off the internet. If you know exactly which model of a car you would like, get pictures of that model.

3. Now it is time to program your conscious and subconscious mind, and your emotions, so that they all match your goal. In our new car example, take some quiet time to familiarize yourself with how it would feel like to actually have this new car. First of all, clearly write down the features you would like in this new car. We shall call this the form. Now, even more importantly, write down the feelings you expect to get from this new car. Include feelings, sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and touch. Also write down the benefits you expect to get from this car, and the reasons why you desire this new car. We shall call this the essence.

4. In your mind, combine the form and the essence, and the pictures you collected. The idea is to familiarize your conscious and unconscious mind, and your emotions, with the total feelings of having achieved your goal already. Close your eyes and just imagine yourself at the point just after you achieve your goal. Run that movie in your mind’s eye, including all aspects of form and essence. Do this 10, 20 or even 100 times, as many as you feel is necessary until it feels natural to you. It should feel like the next natural step is for it to actually happen. Once you capture the totality of that feeling, you have got yourself a matching vibration to your goal.

5. Next, clear yourself of any vibrations that contradict your goal. You cannot achieve a goal if you vibrate against it. For example, a contrary vibration is disbelief or a feeling that you are not worthy or capable of achieving such a goal.

6. Once you have your matching vibration and have eliminated contradicting vibrations, you are done. Whenever you think of your goal, bring up the total feeling. Whenever a contrary feeling comes up, gently let it go (don’t engage it) and bring up the matching feeling.

7. Detach yourself from two things: time and form. The universe delivers by essence primarily. The feeling you put out, the essence, is what will come back. In other words, the solution that will be brought to you will bring you the essence you held when you were visualizing your goal. Sometimes that form may be the exact one you had in mind, sometimes it will be different. Just know two things; the universe always delivers, but in its infinite intelligence it delivers in the form most suitable to the essence it received. What does this mean to you? Well, for one, don’t insist that your new car will come through any particular sequence of steps, or from your income and savings, or from a particular shop, and so on. Don’t insist on the particular car (form). Don’t insist on the timing. You do not know what the most efficient delivery is. Your view is definitely more limited than that of the universe. Any insisting will only mess with the vibration (you will feel disappointed because you will have judged yourself so based on your insisting). Let go. Detach yourself from form and time. For certain, a form that accurately matches the essence you put out will be delivered to you. That is guaranteed. Let go, detach, as if it didn’t matter. Let go of that feeling of neediness.

8. Act when called upon. As you go about your life, certain things and people will come your way. This is the universe orchestrating a synchronicity of events that will lead to your goal being achieved. Stay present and alert. When these come, act upon them. Remember always to be detached. Act purely for the sake of acting, not insisting on a particular outcome. You will find yourself miraculously having achieved your goal, out of the blue, step by step, in a most amazing way that you could not possibly have planned for!

It is very true that you can have anything if you believe it. But remember, if you are having trouble finding your faith, simply look instead at the system, and you will see that faith is not even necessary, once you know that the system has been created by the Creator to work perfectly all the time, regardless. What you put in is what you get out. Your job, then, is simply not to think against yourself, and as long as you don’t think against yourself, all your desires will naturally manifest.

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